Why Would We Lie?


One of the wonderful things about Bitcointalk.org is that everyone has the freedom to share their opinions on things they have great knowledge of, and on things they know nothing about. This acts as a way to ferret out *some* scams, and learn from each other. Yet, it is also the wild west with anonymous people constantly lying and misrepresenting their motives in order to knock down the marketcap of other coins. There is almost nothing I detest more than those that spread FUD merely to help their own coin out, and almost nothing that will leave me with a more negative impression of it.

I was a huge fan of Darkcoin. As Darkcoin was one of the first coins with a dev brave enough to use his real name. Now, in the end there were lots of problems, but this created real trust and a very loyal following. While I think Evan and the team overall carried themselves well, the fanboys were venomous in their attacks to keep the marketcap and value up by bringing others down. Negative attacks simply work in an unregulated environment with anonymous people. (Monero made it almost into an Art form they did it so much) – Over time this harmed my impression of Darkcoin, and for Monero, my very first impression was just them FUDing other coins, demoting them to promote their own.

I have nothing against the Darkcoin or Monero team – but the fanboys are some of the worst, and that is a fact proven out by their actions. The attacks might help in the short run, but in the long run it is a huge turn off to deal with all the negativity. Nobody wants to read 3600 pages of “scam” and “counter-scam” accusations looking for updates on a coin. The entire Bitcointalk.orgAltcoin community has devolved into an almost irrelevant pit of lies and scams. Preying on those gullible enough to believe in people hiding their true intentions. A real shame, but I don’t think it will survive in the current incarnation. Provable identity will need to be added so people are putting real reputations on the line, or someone else will make something better and the people will go there instead. Simple as that.