Who Does it Really Protect?


The government has shut down another Silk Road, and once again forced dealing and drugs back on the streets with the violence. I don’t want to focus too much on this specifically and I have no part in it at all personally, but ideologically I support people making their own choices with their own bodies and own lives. The fascinating thing to me about this takedown, and the news coming for the other drug market takedowns, is it appears they actually used the flags of the world to show they are allied globally to keep drugs on the streets, violence high, and people using the government approved drug merchants only.

So, who are they helping by driving people to the streets? People that are then exposed to violence with the same addictions. People that might drive high to get what they are going to get anyway? Do we need the gang wars and shootings to rise again like in the past? It would appear they want to drive them into conflict and into prisons. This appears far more immoral to me than letting people do what they want in the privacy of their own homes. This appears far more dangerous, and if people are going to do it anyway, why should those of us not involved pay to support increased violence and danger in our neighborhoods? Who does this really protect?