What is ‘Nxttycoin’ anyway?


Nxttycoin is what is known as a ‘crypto currency’, which is a new digital form of money you can easily use with your phone. Nxttycoin is used with an exciting new mobile phone application called Nxtty Cryptomessenger, that offers text messaging with total cryptographic privacy. (That just means that nobody can read your messages that you don’t want to) The Cryptomessenger application also features App to App free calling, offering total privacy in a fun easy to use way.

What really makes the Nxtty cryptomessenger truly revolutionary however, is that is also has Nxttycoin, this is a new digital money that has limitless possibilities! This is like having your own private bank account on your phone. There are many uses for Nxttycoin coins too…You can buy fun digital stickers, tip your friends, contacts, or just people you see post in one of the open chat groups. For example, instead of liking a post, you can give them some Nxttycoin as a tip that they can spend, or keep.

If that wasn’t enough, having more options than anything else before it and offering total privacy, owning Nxttycoin means you own part of the application itself, sort of like owning shares in a company, and just like with a normal bank, you get interest for keeping your Nxttycoin. This new digital money will open up new possibilities for anyone that downloads the app for iPhone or Android, and as the coins can actually go up in value, that is also a lot of fun!
The Nxtty Cryptomessenger application is releasing soon on the App Store for iPhone, and the Play Store for Android. The first 100k users will also get 2500 free Nxttycoin! That means you can own part of the application, and best of all, it is a free download, so make sure and check it out as it is releasing soon. You won’t regret it!

EDIT: This was a press release I did for NXXTY targeted at newcomers to crypto currency. I do currently own NXTTY and GEMS, as of July 3 2015.