The first choice is also quite obvious, this is Zcash (ZCASH
), I would look at Zcash more as an institutional choice and not something necessarily that will be adopted by the Dark Markets, anytime soon, although that is also possible. This is made by a team with some of the best credentials out there and they are using cutting edge technology that makes Zcash far more than just pseudo-anonymous like Bitcoin, this is truly anonymous. They have a somewhat controversial mining percentage used to fund development, but that is an interesting option over the traditional ICO and while some people will FUD them for going this route, I find it refreshing that various teams are testing different methods for funding to keep top notch developers around for the long run. 


Dash (DASH) AKA Darkcoin is the second choice for the best anonymous cryptocurrency, although my personal view is that they have intentionally moved away from trying to be the most anonymous cryptocurrency possible, and rather than appealing to dark markets, instead focus on being a viable Bitcoin alternative. My sources also say the Dark Markets are not interested in Dash, but it is still plenty anonymous for people that just don’t want their normal day to day transactions obvious on a public blockchain. So while I do not think this is the best choice for Dark Markets, it is certainly far more anonymous than Bitcoin, at this time, and with 
Masternodes and countless other clever innovations, Dash has built up a thriving community, it holds value well and the team continues to be successful. Note: Darkcoin was my top choice when it was a low Market cap crypto.


Ethereum will have Zcash tech coming to it soon and is already on Alphabay, it is yet to be determined, but this might be one of the best anon currencies in the long run.

Zclassic has a public non-anonymous developer that has met with Zooko of Zcash  and I feel is the best Zcash alternative. This is an extremely low market cap cryptocurrency, but it has a very large community and a lot of support from miners. There is no founders tax like Zcash, but of course, Zcash can handle the heavy lifting while Zclassic can focus on variations to make Zclassic unique. The developer of Zclassic
is also a young Silicon Valley entrepreneur, so I see this as extremely undervalued currently.