Unbreakable Support


As someone that has been around cryptos a long time, at least intensely focused on it for the time I have been involved, the FUD phases tend to bore me more than worry me. The worthless coins will die off, and the stronger ones with solid teams, plans, and communities will survive. Bitcoin will not drop below what true believers feel is a bargain, at least not for long.

Sidechains are coming, more real world adoption is coming. Lawsuits and regulations just come with the territory for something that is real. You don’t confiscate nothing, regulate nothing, sue for nothing, or tax nothing. Bitcoin is as real as it gets in the digital age, and Bitcoin and cryptos are the future of money. In my personal view, there is unbreakable support psychologically and politically for Bitcoin. It may be a small number of people around the world, so far, but that is all it takes. Those of us that are true believers are not cashing out and giving up whenever some FUD comes around, massive mining companies are not giving up. Innovative startups are not giving up. Even those that loathe Bitcoin have now mostly surrendered to accepting the “technology” itself is valuable. The network will only get stronger, not weaker, the support will only get stronger, and those that sell far too low hoping for some cheaper BTC, might end up with a rude awakening in the future when that never happens.

“With all the great news about BTC, we should be getting close to shaking out all the weak hands and eventually it will find unbreakable support – then it’s off to the races”