Crypto Currency Trading for Dummies 8-24-1015

First of all, cryptos are very high risk and you should never risk anything you are unwilling to outright lose. Nothing is a sure thing and no tip or information is ever good enough. Most information is actually bad, naive at best, or greatly misleading and should just be ignored. Those in forums and troll boxes are in it for themselves and are competing against you, with a few rare exceptions that actually share the truth. Always do your own research and always take your own risks, and deal with the losses when they happen. Most people lose money and the odds are greatly against you.

That said, if you are going to do it anyway, start with a very tiny amount and plan on losing it. Only use trusted exchanges. Never buy any new coins by anon developers. Don’t mine them, don’t make excuses, don’t support them. Never buy any ICOs from anonymous people, they are almost always scams. Only consider quality coins that have been around 6 months or longer. If they are new coins they must have non anonymous people behind it with solid reputations. Also, stay diversified and never go "all

Let’s go over this, it is very simple:

Never risk anything you are not willing to lose.
Nothing is a sure thing.
Most information is misinformation.
Always do your own research.
Take your own risks.
Everyone loses money and you will too.
Only use trusted exchanges. 
Never buy any new coins by anon developers.
Never buy ICOs from anonymous people.
Only consider quality coins that have been around 6 months or longer — Unless they are by non anonymous people you can trust.

​Stay diversified and never go "all in."

If you follow these basic guidelines you are far less likely to get wiped out, and that means you can last, learn, and have a chance.