Through the Horizon


Nothing ever comes easy in cryptos! After the giveaway with Next Horizon (NHZ) I started researching it more, and realized not only did it have better distribution than NXT, not perfect, but better, it was also the first NXT clone – and NXT *is* the next big thing.

NHZ has 10% annual interest, nodes people can easily make, and a bounty distribution system for almost unlimited development – I saw this as a real gem in the rough. Something that could perhaps be made even better than NXT itself, over time, with the right core people helping. With seemingly almost a blank canvas to work on and a good positive community and solid branding, I decided I would try to help the coin out.

Now, if you didn’t already know, I have an internal group with some of the most talented people in cryptos, and to my amazement, many of them agreed and decided to also work on helping to develop the coin, (by fixing some of the flaws of NXT and making it into something truly unique in the world of Cryptos.) It has been difficult for me not being able to share the dream team we have gathered up, but due to the “miscommunication” by the original dev, now the team roster has been released early, in rough draft form anyway. So you can imagine some of the amazing things we have planned! Look at the people involved, Jon Teets is as good as they come, with top notch Java guys, top notch visual artists. Everything we need for a massive success.

Nobody was less pleased that some coins were sold off earlier today, but the original dev did own the coins, we had just finally made contact, and I suppose he didn’t realize that we were serious about making the coin successful. To be frank, I am pissed off about it, and it was a bone headed move by the old original dev, but shit happens and then you have to deal with it. We already had lots of coding, ground breaking plans being worked on, we already have the team, and of course we have bought in. Everyone is still on board and we are working out the issues with the original dev as best as we can. If that isn’t good enough, just don’t buy in, or sell. That is up to you. Now you know the rest of the story.