The NXT big thing


Distributed exchanges are the next big thing in Crypto Currencies! They provide safety from hackers and potentially from worst case regulatory scenarios. The Crypto Currency platform called “ NXT” has a huge lead in this area ,and offers great functionality. So it is going to get very popular over time. Much in thanks to the famous NXT coder and asset creator Jl777, who is sort of like a Golden Boy, adding value to everything he comes in contact with and increasing the demand of NXT in general. There are specific assets he issues that you can invest in that I think are key, but you can also just buy NXT itself, or his crypto mutual fund Jl777hodl, and keep it simple. His latest asset is called SuperNET and it is releasing September 6th on BTER, it will be extremely popular to put it mildly.

I think NXT will get so popular in fact, that I also like a couple others slightly related. NHZ is a NXT clone with a much more fair distribution model, that is also extremely cheap. The marketcap is so low that massive gains are possible with even the smallest investment. So this one I think it worth it to buy and see where it goes. As it is a community platform, investors can also buy it up and then easily personally increase the value greatly, by issuing assets, or simply suggesting it to others. I also like Burst as another NXT like option available on Poloniex. Lastly, for something not by Jl777 but still NXT asset related, I like NXTTYCOIN – “Crypto Messaging For The Masses.” A NXT asset that provides a stake in the crypto company NMAC, but that is also a Crypto Currency that stakes interest, and that will be tied into the mobile apps releasing soon on Android, iOS, and Windows.