Some people are worried that this amazing thing many of us are now a part of could be like the dot-com boom, but even if that were true, the dot-com boom was in the trillions before it burst, and the internet didn’t exactly go away after that either! The total 
coinmarketcap is around 46 Billion now, that is nothing compared to the bubble of derivatives and fiat, nor the dot-com boom. Some single individuals have wealth almost that high. There are around 7.5 Billion people in the world and only a few million, at most, have found cryptocurrency so far. The most popular crypto application, Blockfolio, that everyone I know that trades crypto uses only has 50k downloads on Android. So to sum it up, the future of Crypto is very bright, this is still the early days, and this is going to get a lot bigger for many years to come, likely way bigger than any of us can fathom. 

In the past, Banks and Governments laughed at it, now, China is making a national Cryptocurrency. Governments are eager to get their share. Banks all around the world are signing up to use the Ripple Protocol, that at the heart of it uses the XRP token. This competes directly with the SWIFT transfer system and blows it away with lower costs and greater efficiency. The age of 
fintech automation is coming, and those that do not get on board will simply be left behind. Greater efficiency, accounting, speed. Now, blockchain may not solve every problem in the world, but it solves countless problems with money and accountability. Remittances are also still just a tiny fraction of blockchain transfers, but it is growing all around the world. Everyone with a smartphone can be their own bank, their own investment company, their own boss. Decentralization is just starting, but this is a trend that is not changing course. Massively less overhead, endless opportunities, and even the wealthy are starting to get interested as the trends are obvious.

So, what is the future of cryptocurrency? Paper money will slowly go out of use country by country, Governments will start up their own cryptocurrencies. There will be challenges in the future with quantum computers, eventually, but quantum cryptography will come along and solve that. With 3D printing, physical cash is only a very temporary solution at this point. Within perhaps a decade counterfeiting will be too perfect, cryptocurrency solves this massive problem, no more counterfeiting, no more unknowns with money supplies. It will not just be Bitcoin, there will be hundreds of major cryptocurrencies and thousands that will have some type of use or limited popularity. The patterns are already changing indicating mainstream use is getting closer. Bitcoin is rising along with "Alts" as people are not just hoarding Bitcoin, they are investing in Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. This is a chance for everyone to cut out the middleman and take their own chances, and I strongly believe countless millions more people will be doing exactly that over the coming years.

Disclaimer: I am a strong believer in cryptocurrency, I am part of a cryptocurrency project, Expanse, and the founder of the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club, this is personal opinion and cryptocurrency should be considered a high-risk high-reward option. There are no guarantees in life, there are only the chances we take and those we pass up.