What I try to do in life is take the high road and set a positive example, I am not perfect and sometimes fail at doing so, but I try my best. I also avoid the bad apples if at all possible, because you are what you eat and you become the people you associate with. There have been times in my life when choices were put before me that would define my future, and haunt me. For example, one of my friends in my early 20s got into hard drugs, I never did, and he robbed me of $20. That may not seem like much, but back then it was about all I had. My car was a ratty Fiero that only ran when the wires were not quite shorting out. I was renting a one room loft near a beach, and that $20 was for fuel and food. I was living day to day and I literally ate Top Ramen, often. So I cut him off after that as he betrayed me and I knew he had gone down the wrong path. He called again a month later asking to hang out, saying he had “the shit,” I told him I had a future and I could not associate with him ever again. I didn’t bring up that he stole my last $20, I was just greatly disappointed and never spoke to him again. A few years later he overdosed from heroin and died.

I have told this other story many times before, but decades later, after endless hard work, I ended up running a successful (small) Art Gallery that sold around 1.3 million over the years and shipped rare art and antiques around the world. Over 30,000 sales and a 100% rating, lots of happy customers. Most people are very good people, it is the few that ruin it for the rest of us. There were always some scammers that would take advantage, and as you can imagine, when you sell someone of value that you personally treasure and then someone steals it from you, it causes suffering. This happened enough so that it led me to search for some kind of electronic cash as a means for honest sellers to not get ripped off, and for those that do not know, reversible cash, like Paypal, is the spawn of countless scams. This can eat into profits to the point of going out of business. This did lead me to find Bitcoin, and with it, I saw some hope. Not just for my business, but for trade and honest people everywhere. 

That naive notion was short-lived, however. In the first Bitcoin communities I joined they were selling cloud mining ponzi scams, they were taking preorders on technology that I knew was impossible. I saw more scams than Ebay and Paypal could have ever dreamed of. Yet, instead of fleeing, I created my own community for clarity and honesty. A bit naive perhaps thinking I could change the world just by being really pissed off at scammers and wanted to help make things better, but I have a never give up attitude and set my mind to the task. I also saw potential in Bitcoin and Cryptos to open up new markets and eventually help the world. So I made the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club. A place for straight talk and to see if there was a way for this digital cash to end up helping humanity and not just being a bunch of bullshit. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, not physically, but mentally. Dealing with some of the worst people in the world. Sociopaths, greedy liars. This was the opposite of the normal world, this was the underbelly, this was mafia, cartels, the game of deception itself. 

I think it was being so pissed off at all those scammers over the years that made me carry on. I despised them so much I didn’t care what they could try to do to me. Early on they DDOSed my business website until I closed it down. Personal attacks were endless. They often would send scammers to try and get me to join some scam group. ‘Kaiser Soze’ I recall offered 10x profits if I joined his group, I told him exactly, “No thanks, I am legit.” They threatened me saying they would “go to war with me,” as they did not want anyone speaking up while they were fleecing people. Now, the irony of these very same people trying to claim I am one of them is not lost on me. They are the people I despise most in the world, they are cancer. Over time even listening to them is cancerous, so yes, I cut them out, I block them, avoid them, I ban them. I try to only hang out with good honest people. People that want the same things I want. That might be selfish, like not hanging out with my friend that robbed my last $20, and maybe if I ruined my life along with his he might have lived, but it is the only way to have a future. Cancer has to be cut out, that is what I truly believe, and that is taking the high road. Some people cannot be saved, those that can, I try to save.