Sutter’s Creek


I always hate when the price of Bitcoin drops some, not because I have the slightest concern about the the future of Bitcoin, but simply because of the Bitcoin blues that happens whenever the price drops. People go quiet on social media – almost as if they are going into hibernation for winter, like they are conserving energy for the next breakout and rally. Making my enthusiastic view of the situation quite out of step with the immediate moment to moment view of it. Regardless, I have never been more positive about Bitcoin succeeding. 

Let’s look at the facts. What we know for certain is that Paypal released a video specifically mentioning “Bitcoin.” I got actual chills up my spine when I heard the word “Bitcoin”, and replayed it several times to be sure. I have paid a lot of attention to the global scene too, they all want Bitcoin. Now, you can think whatever you like, but to me this means there will be a corporate race to be the middleman for Bitcoin. So in my view Bitcoin has likely already won the store of value angle for the future of money. Therefore, we will win with regulations as that is what the corporations will want.

Try and wrap your mind around what that really means. Trillions of dollars in value. Even capturing a small percentage of that value puts the future price of a single Bitcoin so high I won’t even mention the number. This is like buying land before cities were built, like mining at Sutter’s Creek before word leaked out, like investing in the first search engines before people knew what search engines were. They want Bitcoin in China, in the Middle East, in Africa, in America. They want it all over the world! So if you can understand how big that really means Bitcoin is going to get, there is really nothing to be blue about at all.