Bitcoin was born during the time of the financial collapse, not that long ago. Many see it different ways. Myself, I see it as one of the first glimmers of hope that technology might one day save us from ourselves. That is why it inspires me, it is a glimpse into a possible future. To me, it is no coincidence that it started at the same time everything almost fell apart the entire world over. Not just one economy, all economies were on the brink. Now, time marches on, and quickly people have forgotten how close we came to the end of civilization as we know it, but nothing has changed. 

The bubbles are bigger, the debts are bigger, the divides financially and philosophically are greater than ever. The problems have been kicked down the road to the next generation. Some of us older folks just pretend there is no problem or hope we get out before it all falls apart. Those of us paying attention certainly know we can’t actually fix it. The problems of a global financial system that are faulty by design, that by self-interest alone cannot and will not change. So we know that sooner or later it is likely a day of reckoning will come to us all or those that come after us.

Obviously, in such a situation, water, food, shelter, weapons, perhaps precious metals will be of extreme value. Bartering will naturally occur and those items have proven themselves over the history of all human interaction, so there is no reason to think they would not be just as valuable in the future if we hit that day of reckoning. Unless we are lucky and the robots take all the jobs and build us private mansions, or unlucky and we fall back to the stone age from nuclear war and the egos of madmen. 

Short of those extremes, some great crisis that is survivable is likely. Some think Cryptocurrencies are a luxury only to speculate on and would be cast aside in such a situation, but I disagree, I see them more like crude tools from the future that over time will be refined into the age of automation and decentralization itself. Owning some of these crude tools early might be a bit extreme, but owning them is also being a part of something that is evolving over time. Even if some only see a mirage, we are getting closer, and it might just be an Oasis that could save us all.