My review of the NXTTY Crypto Messenger


The NXTTY Crypto Messenger is a new app on Google Playstore that aims to bring “CryptoCurrency to the Masses!” (A Crypto Currency is a new type of digital money, that is much more secure, sort of like Bitcoin)

NXTTY is an easy to use encrypted texting app, which means that you cannot be spied on and all conversations are totally private. You can choose to keep your text messages or have them erased automatically after whatever time frame you wish. You can even delete messages you have sent already, and they will vanish on the other end, which is a very nice feature if you change your mind after sending a message.

Not only that, but it allows app to app free calling, so you can call for free all around the world to your other friends using NXTTY, with much greater privacy than a normal phone call, and with no cost at all. There are no advertisements spamming you, the design is also intuitive and easy to use. They do have some very fun stickers you can buy if you wish, but they give you an amazing selection for free so it is easy and fun to start texting, using stickers, sending photos, and sharing the fun with your friends.

Overall the app is just plain fun, and by the people I have chatted with that have tried it so far, the vast majority of us are switching over to NXTTY for our main texting app. The added privacy and revolutionary features make this an easy call. None of us want to be spied on, and this app just does way more than anything else before it. Unlike many claims of being first, this really *is* the first genuine attempt and bringing crypto currency to the masses.

There is also a crypto currency wallet included with the app, which is like a digital bank account that is totally safe, using NXTTYCOIN the digital currency for the NXTTY app. You can tip your friends and whomever you like on their posts with NXTTYCOIN. You can even save your NXTTYCOIN and actually own a part of the company, just for saving them! You can also trade it for “real” money in the future with an update coming soon, although I am saving all of mine to own part of NXTTY myself.
There are open chat groups to meet new friends and talk about things with people all over the world. Language translators are built in allowing the entire world to chat with each other freely. This really is a revolutionary app that just does so many different things with ease, and the entire project feels very genuine to me. This is not like something you normally see from companies out there just trying to make some money, but rather something made by the community trying to do something really special. So I really love NXTTY and I am very happy they took the time to get everything working right. There is simply an amazing amount of potential here.

The key advantage of NXTTY in the end is really how much it can do, it just does more than any other app like it. It has a digital bank account, free app to app calling, encrypted messaging, fun stickers, open chat, tipping, photos, message destruction, all totally private while being fun and easy to use for anyone. If they can keep updating it and adding more polish to the already groundbreaking features, NXTTY could be a major success. So I highly suggest downloading it on Android Google Playstore for free and testing it out for yourself. If you don’t have android and have an iPhone, NXTTY will also be coming to the App store for Apple soon, and then everyone can get involved and see why so many of us love NXTTY!Type your paragraph here.