Whenever I research a crypto related investment I always consider what angle do they have that is not already better served elsewhere. Banks, for example, are mostly served by older companies and slow technology, so there is an opening for newer technology improving payments and transfers, like Ripple. What I also like about Ripple is they do have one angle locked down better than everyone else. Compliance. Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple is not truly decentralized, but that is also a huge advantage with government compliance and banking laws and regulations. 

The reality is we are not going to magically transform into some Bitcoin or Crypto based economy, it will be incremental steps to automation of the financial services, so I do believe there is an angle for a company or project that can work closely with government and Banks, helping them in the transition stages to decentralized automation, and Ripple certainly has the lead with that. It may also be that SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) are trying steps that are not incremental enough to complete in the long run. 

My biggest concern with Ripple is also one of their biggest advantages, interestingly, it is that they have been around so long in cryptos that people have strong opinions one way or the other. One of the founders of Ripple (Jed McCaleb) even founded Mt Gox and went on to other projects. Mt Gox, in particular, has a bad reputation for how things played out in the end. To be fair, the problems with Mt Gox started later after it was sold by Jed McCaleb and really has nothing to do with Ripple. Jed and Ripple have also worked out their differences and are now pursuing their own unique visions.

So, overall I think the history of Ripple is a positive, as they are not just walking in blindly like some newer projects and they have proved over many years they can keep the project stable, secure, and reliable. Nobody really wants to experiment with their payment transfers, they want something well proven with a long track record. Last, of all, I also find Ripple’s ILP, Interledger Protocol fascinating, as in theory that could provide a bridge to all the various fiat and cryptos in the world. A monumental task and goal, but they appear to be a company that could pull it off. They have the team, the experience, the financing and the connections, so they have everything they need for success and have already proven they can endure and adapt.

Disclaimer: I do own XRP, and the project I am a part of, Expanse, is on the Inter Ledger Protocol of Ripple.