mBTC for the Win!


I have been suggesting the idea of “mBTC” as a standard since last year, but trying to change people’s minds has proven fairly futile. Myself, I tend to totally disagree with math geeks that expect BTC adoption mainstream will be driven by the world changing to their point of view, with individuals rising up in intellect to match them. Somehow by what could only be some miracle of evolution, they expect everyone to have a better understanding of numbers and technology! That is simply wrong, no debating it, and it won’t ever happen in our lifetimes. 

Marketing is really about psychology, about presentation, and if people think BTC should just be marketed to anarchists and crypto experts, then everything is fine and let’s just support Dark Wallet and give BTC the time it needs, and not worry about future competitors. That makes sense on one level, and I like it as a political statement, but it doesn’t make sense if you want BTC to have greater adoption by the masses, but rather as a political statement or for use where BTC is the only choice. The main options as I see it, are we get it everywhere and do what is needed for that to happen, or we keep it niche and hope more people join the niche. Those are the key choices.

The funny thing is, the solution to BTC becoming more popular with the masses is so amazingly simple, it is actually laughable. Perhaps in time people will finally understand how simple this solution is to getting BTC mainstream, but if not, and they think a purist view is superior to a practical one that could actually work, I also invest in Alts. I can’t change the world by myself, but what I can say is that I am 100% positive that an mBTC at .36 cents sounds extremely cheap and like a great investment, and a BTC at 360 dollars or more, is scary to most people, and always will be.Type your paragraph here.

Edit: Bitcoin prices vary over time of course, at the time this was written 360.00 was the average USD price of BTC.