Making a Better Soft Drink


Some good news today, a new mobile Bitcoin app is launching from Circle aiming at Brining Bitcoin to the masses! I think they have a good shot at it too. Because really, nobody says anything bad about Circle, Circle doesn’t say anything bad about anyone else either, at least publicly. They know better! NXTTY has also launched a few days ago successfully and so far has been very popular with users. Other apps like GEMS are on the way, Ribbit is coming very soon aiming at mainstream rewards in a fun way. Overall, a lot of smart people really get it.

Now for the bad news, we have a problem in crypto land that is hard to put a nice way, not for the ones mentioned above, but with plenty of others. In essence many are marketing by attacking competitors very harshly for things that are no different to outsiders about their own projects. They might view their projects as revolutionary, and they trust themselves of course, but until they actually revolutionize something and become essential, they are just a wannabe like the rest of them! Almost all these projects are all really nothing but potential, best case, until they prove they are something. 

You won’t see an advertisement from Pepsi talking about how; “Coke will rot your teeth out and give you diabetes!” – In cryptos however, we constantly see people that could very well scam us tell us that everyone else is going to do it, and to just trust them as they are different. The obvious problem for all of this when we think about it, all of these ventures, short of “Free coins!”, are always high risk, and despite the best of intentions there are no guarantees with any of them. So in my view, we need to really stop focusing on the negatives like scaring people away from the competition, and just work on making a better soft drink.