Mainstream Anarchy


On the subject of Bitcoin going mainstream, or Bitcoin going anarchist; I think it has not gone mainstream, yet, and it doesn’t belong to anarchists any more than it belongs to anyone else. Truth be told, anarchists are the worst marketers I have ever seen, but when I got into Bitcoin and cryptos, I realized there was some serious truth mixed in there too. So what some of the anarchists are really missing, I think, is that Bitcoin is going to do its thing, with or without them, and they really don’t have to worry about it. 

Besides, if Bitcoin was all about anonymity, then why make a public blockchain in the first place? Maybe it is also about transparency and accountability? Perhaps that is more important in the big picture? How is the world so messed up, not enough anonymous transactions? Hardly. Not enough transparency and accountability! That is the sort of thing a public blockchain could help with ultimately in politics and society, whatever your beliefs about how Bitcoin should be.

In my view, Bitcoin has no need to grow up and be regulated or centralized, and I also agree we should all resist centralization, as Andreas Antonopoulos repeats like a mantra. By the same token, it certainly doesn’t need a Darkwallet either, or help from those wanting it to fit their political or financial notions better. Satoshi already nailed it in my humble opinion. So in the end, if you really want Bitcoin to be radically different, just make an Alt.