Love, War, and Bitcoin


One of the reasons I have kept so busy with cryptos, over the last year, is that my wife had joined the army after the financial crash of 2008, not out of a love of war, but out of there being no jobs for her and no health care. It was something she decided and I didn’t agree with, at all, but marriage can be challenging over many years – and I believe we all get to make our own choices, so I did not force her to stay at the time. Then she had to live with her choices, and so did I…

She was even over in Iraq during the war, mortar shells dropping on thebase, you name it! I had to keep myself constantly occupied to not worry about it. I quit all television and news, all the “programming” – and started learning about solutions for the corrupt financial systems and how I could help change things. Bitcoin, Satoshi, you likely know the drill if you are here and what the best chance humanity has to being truly free. By using technology and automation to replace the corrupt systems that lead to war and greater poverty itself.

Anyway, very late last night, without warning, there was a knock on my door! To my amazement my wife had finally retuned and her service was over! I had no idea she was coming home for many more months, she loves to surprise me always keeps it interesting. So the war is over and my wife is finally back!

While the financial crisis of 2008 has been delayed, for now, they have put us all more in debt and kicked the can down the road a few more years. I have truly grown obsessed and in love with cryptos in her absence, and that will not be changing.