Know When to Hold Them


There sure is a lot of controversy over Hashlets and GAW miners lately, to put it mildly! Myself, I try to always look on the bright side of things. If even in worst case scenario Hashlets are just imaginary ways to mine new investors, or even worst than that, this is all some elaborate trick that converts deep Bitcoin insolvency into some new “coin” – at least they are not competing with my best case break even physical miners that I leave running all the time.

Perhaps it is almost like a giant casino in another dimension that has nothing to do with me, other than suck my mining competitors into it and keep them there. In closing, as GAW Hashlets were one of the few profitable gambles I ever did “mining”, I just feel like a hit a small jackpot and then left the casino early rather than doubling down and letting it ride. So I can’t say “Don’t gamble” with a straight face when I have done it myself, but the house does usually win in the end, so just be careful how long you stay.

Edit: I bought Hashlets the day they released and sold for a profit, and warned others not to stay in too long. It ended even worse than I thought it might of course.