Introducing Expanse

Expanse is a new decentralized platform based on Ethereum that is managed by a decentralized autonomous organization. Expanse runs smart contracts that allow for almost limitless possibilities, and these smart contracts are also the foundation of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO lets everyone who holds Expanse vote on the future of the platform, and even people that are not a part of Expanse can suggest ideas to be voted on. This is something quite revolutionary, as the power of the platform is indeed in the hands of the community, and it is their ideas, dreams, and talent that will help build Expanse over time.

There is no crowdfunding or ICO with Expanse, but rather, the value of the platform is based on what the team and the community as a whole builds, and is funded by a reserve secured with smart contracts for the DAO released slowly over time. This gives Expanse the ability to be self funded for a long period of time, or perhaps indefinitely, depending on the votes of the DAO. Expanse can do all this without asking for any development money up front whatsoever, simply by using the trust created with decentralized smart contacts and the talent of all that participate. This gives Expanse the unique advantage of never needing outside funding, while also being able to reward those that help build it based on merit and value added.

Technology, creativity, and talent, along with the shared goals of the community will build Expanse over time into something that lasts and can be useful to many people. This is a simple design based on cutting edge technology. Expanse is based on some of the best technology out there, while allowing people the freedom to change it and form it as they see fit, making Expanse much greater by being truly decentralized and open, simply by just sharing and letting more people be a part of it. This is what is so wonderful about open source technology. Using some of the best shared ideas and making something even better, and that is what Expanse is all about.