After the launch of Expanse, Bleutrade quickly added it on their own exchange, and instead of mostly miners dumping as we normally see, people started buying instead. Expanse quickly moved up to the number one spot on Bleutrade with very strong buy support. The next day, Bittrex also added Expanse, and then Cryptsy, and then Poloniex! This is exceptionally rare for any crypto platform to be added to so many quality exchanges so quickly. At each exchange buy support is strong and demand is high. Expanse certainly is off to a strong start.

Miners also seem to like mining Expanse, as currently there are over 585 miners and 61672 MH/s on the
Suprnova pool alone. This is a very strong turnout from the mining community, making for a powerful network supported by a large community of miners. Of course this is because Expanse is currently so profitable to mine, and miners will go where the profit is, but that is Expanse. Since expanse has a 60 second block time to avoid too many orphans, this also greatly reduces the daily supply miners can sell compared to other options, making Expanse not only popular, but rare, which is great for traders and exchanges.

The community is also growing. More people are joining Slack, and people are joining to help with developing, marketing, and videos and a
wikipedia page. Soon the DAO will form up and a board of advisors will be voted in. With the strong start and high demand, and the extra incentive to hold Expanse for voting power, Expanse is likely to have a strong community or miners, traders, and those interested in developing Dapps, and those interested being a part of something new and inclusive. Expanse is just getting started, but clearly
people are very interested, they are mining and trading, and watching closely as Expanse begins to evolve into something truly unique.