Decentralized Exchanges are the Future


There are others, and I actually own a little of the others as well, and I support them. We are not the enemies of each other, those that really believe in cryptos are on the same side. As for NHZ, the nodes keep growing, keep expanding. The distribution for development bounty system keeps bringing in more talented developers, and now, we even have BLOCKNET coming. I would have been happy with SuperNET, but this is seemingly something even more decentralized, so it is certainly worth doing some research on. 

With NHZ essentially being to BLOCKNET, what NXT is to SuperNET. I highly suggest checking NHZ out now while it is still extremely cheap. There are major updates coming and some assets that are totally amazing (and just cool as could be), really. If you don’t believe me there is nothing I can say as I can’t and won’t leak information, not my style, time normally proves out what I believe in anyway. Still, maybe look at this chart? It is only just starting.