Cryptos are going mainstream!


Recently there has been a lot of panic based on a lawsuit being filed against Cryptsy. The truth is less dramatic however, Cryptsy having a lawsuit filled against them does not mean they are going “bankrupt”, nor does it even mean they will lose. It just means they have enough money to be a good target now. I have used them since the earliest days, but I know how to make a strong password, and I use 2fa, they never robbed a single coin from me, and frankly, I doubt the lawsuit has any real merit. (just a personal opinion)

As for the other company, I have never heard of them, maybe that case is tronger, maybe not. If this is what all the fear and FUD has been about, this is laughable. Big companies deal with lawsuits all the time, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily guilty or did anything wrong. It doesn’t mean they are going bankrupt, closing down, running off with your coins. It just means someone is trying to get some money from them.

“If you have invested in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and believe you are the victim of a fraud or a theft of your assets, you might have the grounds upon which to assert a claim to recover your losses.” -- Lesson to learn from this? Always use 2FA!