Competing with Kindness


In mainstream media we often hear about the dark side of cryptos, how without regulation bad things can happen to us. Yet, one the most interesting aspects of crypto currencies is that there is also an element of ‘competing with kindness’, sort of a bright side to cryptos.

Dogecoin for example has been well established for crowd-funding projects and making real change in the world. This allows them to change the world in positive ways, while also strongly advertising their brand in a positive way, and better yet, encouraging this model to be adopted by other crypto currencies to gain attention and adoption.
Recently Startjoin (using the coin ‘Startcoin‘) has also entered the crowd-funding race, and interestingly, the CEO is the famous (and controversial) Max Keiser! That is some serious star power behind Startcoin, and better yet, I have confirmed that the legendary Karl Gray, who predicted the rise of Litecoin long ago is also involved with the project. Currently, Startjoin/Startcoin is just starting out, and nothing is certain in cryptos, but they certainly have some serious potential with these two legends behind the project.

The best part is, even if they don’t succeed, the people that were helped will likely never forget it and the world will be just a little bit better from the competition of kindness going on. The more the merrier with this sort of thing, as the real winners are not just speculators making profits, they are the students being helped, the startups given a chance, and the dreams that get to come true for some. So I wish the best for all the cryptos out there using crowd-funding for change, as every little positive action we do can end up being much bigger than we planned, and much bigger than we ever expected it to be!