Competing For Bitcoin


Ironically, the intrinsic flaws of Paypal chargebacks led me to discover Bitcoin early last year, and that forever changed my life.

As a merchant who was dealing with international transactions for many years, I became obsessed with finding the next evolution in online payments. Something better than wire transfers, or mailing slow expensive money orders, or using Paypal at great risk. Something with a means to empower regions too risky to trade with. Something that could vastly open up global trade, and empower small business equally as well as Big Business. A *true* level playing field. Once I found Bitcoin, I knew it was the future.

I also knew that in time, Paypal, which led me to first discover Bitcoin, would have to adapt to the future or fall behind and become obsolete. That time I have been waiting for is now on the way! What this means, is that Bitcoin is moving beyond speculation, beyond silly games and into serious money. Paypal is mainstream, Paypal is Ebay, whatever they try and claim, they operate as one. With Paypal will come Ebay, and Amazon, and then Walmart, and then Bitcoin will be everywhere. This will all likely happen before the next year is over – It will be a golden time of change and opportunity.

As Bitcoin becomes normal, mainstream, and widely accepted, demand will increase. Everyone will want to “Keep up with the Joneses” and own at least a Bitcoin. So even while merchants will sell to fiat, the demand for investment will skyrocket next year, along with the price. This is likely to be unprecedented in history, and truly, those of us that are positioned in Bitcoin and crypto currencies now are at the point of catching one of the greatest waves of change, and profit, in history itself!