Catching the Wave


Last year while looking for an alternative to bank wires and money orders for international shipping for my online art gallery, I stumbled into Bitcoin. Once I figured out basically what it was, I was *instantly* hooked. I knew right away the future of money and roughly how it would play out. Having dealt with Credit Card companies, Paypal, and the Banking Industries, for many years, and knowing all their flaws, overconfidence, arrogance and weaknesses, it was clear everything was going to change. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to somehow help change it in some small way.

Once I dove in, I found that it was not all happy-go-lucky and wonderful, and even the naive notions I had about how bad the world’s financial system was, before diving in, was vastly optimistic. The entire system is doomed to collapse or to fall into a state of unbearable social control and surveillance. Clearly we are well on the way to that situation right now, to put it mildly. I discovered the corruption actually goes to the very core, and we are all being highly manipulated. Sadly, even most of the revolutionary promises of cryptos are being run by the same sorts of bad guys. In it only for personal money and power, and using hope and dreams as the bait.

My notion was very simple, naive perhaps, but I have always been very optimistic about the future in the long run, and life is short anyway, so fuck it. My plan would be I would just tell the truth. Try to find it, nail it down, and be as objective as possible about it. Just be exactly who I already was and share it. I figured this would give me an edge on the vast cadre of liars and crooks. Instead of joining them, I would find like minded people, and even try to convince some of the bad guys that there was a better way than the way it had always been. So that is where I started philosophically with all this crap, and where I still am.
I am just bringing this up as I have been approached by a lot of websites and so on that ask me to write for them. I don’t consider myself a great writer, at all, although I do think I have very good insight into things that I become obsessed with and focus sharply on. I have always been good at prediction, but had never done anything with it previous to last year, other than win some sports bets in the past when I lived in Nevada. Small time stuff, just for fun. Anyway, the point I am getting to is I am not interested in working for anyone else, ever. I would have to edit my thoughts, give them something they want, bend the truth they want to see it. Just not my style, so the answer is no. Still, I am very honored by all the requests and I do appreciate the interest. So, thanks for that.