Blue Horizon


I have been testing the new Horizon (HZ) wallet by James Malach, and visually it really is a work of art! He had come up with a variety of high quality images we could use for it, but this one was so striking it was simply perfect. As Horizon over time will become a ‘gateway of gateways’, connecting the other decentralized exchanges, (and Ripple,) the water Ripple really seemed to fit well. This image also provides a nice transition from the original Logo that also used a water theme. I insisted on this visual as strongly as I could, as it is very vibrant and powerful, and it also provides a nice contrast to the mostly dull and lifeless wallet screens out there for other platforms.
Essentially, the wallet update is mostly visual, but the visuals are stunning. The wallet easily launched on my Mac OSX with Safari too, while previously the older version had issues. That is no longer a problem. The new website has also launched along with the new wallet and Faucet, and we are finally free of the painful greens. The far more pleasant blues are simply better, and Malach was right about insisting on a change from greens to blues. Overall, I am extremely impressed with it, and this is exactly the level of professionalism I expected from Malach with the quality of the design.

Edit: A new spashscreen and wallet is about to be released, this was great back then, but the new one is even better! (July 2015)