I only collect cryptos for fun in very small amounts, non risky amounts. I do not take out a second mortgage, sell my Jeep or anything crazy! Neither do I waste money on IRAs or the Stock Market, returns are abysmal and I can beat them with art, antiques, **, coins, pretty much anything that will go up in value more over time, if you know what has true intrinsic value.

In case anyone is interested how I divide it up, with cryptos, the risky bets with crazy potential returns,  I will let you know now. I keep 50% in mBTC, 25% in 
mLTC, and the rest in as many long term long shot gems as possible. mBTC is pretty much sure thing, same with mLTC. These will skyrocket. (IMHO) The last 25% is about finding the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th,,,  SMALL MARKET CAP Cryptos. They don’t have to ever do as well as Peercoin, they just need the potential to grow more.

So if your high market cap crypto isn’t on the list, that just means it is a better investment for richer people, in my opinion. If is is a centralized scam and I have already mentioned it, I won’t again, but it won’t be on this list. Thanks, and don’t put all your eggs in
onebasket, or do, but then you really are playing risk. “All in” is a bad move, pumpers don’t see a bluff,
or care.