Bitcoin is that like Dogecoin?


In the crazy world of cryptos, two coins in particular manage to have something very much in common while appearing like total opposites. You can’t get any sillier than Dogecoin! A meme coin with a cute Dog avatar and a cult like following, of mostly friendly people. Contrast that with Vericoin, with branding perfectly designed to compete with Visa, Paypal, and mainstream corporate USA, and the world! As serious as it gets! 

Yet, they also have something very much alike. What they both share in common is a determination to market directly to mainstream and bypass the “Bitcoin Only” crowd entirely. It is about more than just trading for more Bitcoin, or beating Bitcoin, as there is plenty of room for more than one in the end – no matter how many times bag holders repeat some mantra that the future will be different from the past. There will not be just one, there will be a plethora of unique cryptos, and quite a few will last far into the future.

A very poignant question I heard about from the world of mainstream, at a company picnic no less, really brings the point into sharp focus for me. Someone didn’t know about Bitcoin, so this was what they asked to understand it more: “Bitcoin, is that like Dogecoin?” Those that understand what this means realize that the race isn’t over yet, and in truth, the winners are only getting into starting positions.