Antique Roadshow and Cryptocurrency

As an antique and art dealer, there was once a time when information was scare and there was little competition in the field. It was easy to have a successful business as information was scarce. Unless you were trained by another expert, you just didn’t know. Then came the commercialization of the industry, with countless shows sharing information to all, in the end, lowering the overall prices and harming the market for the few that had a niche. Great for bargain hunters and people in general, terrible for all those that had small businesses in the industry. Over time this kept getting worse until mostly the market was flooded with new fakes from China, and people selling rarities at rock bottom prices. It definitely wasn’t fun anymore.

When I got into cryptos at first, I saw some of the same parallels. I could mine and trade, and almost nobody knew how to do it, how to mine Alts, how to avoid the scams. It was so early on only one other person was really writing about alts, and he was anonymous and also making alts for other anonymous people. I started writing about it, just the basics of mining for a profit, sort of like an Antique Roadshow, giving away information. Not sure why, other than I guess I couldn’t afford to share my secrets about appraising valuables, and since cryptos were just a hobby I figured I could share. Over time this evolved into something fairly huge, or at least much bigger than I thought it would be. The hobby became an obsession, the challenges and potential endless, and like many, I got sucked in and hooked.

Years later, learning along the way, I admit there was a lot of satisfaction from helping people, but also a lot of regret since some people can never be helped enough. Crypto trading is vicious and filled with scams. If people are not getting something for nothing they are blaming others, even those going out of their way to help. You can’t hand hold everyone, you can’t protect everyone. No amount of information is ever enough. For all the hope and promise of cryptos, there is just as much misery and despair. For every winner, there is a loser. So the time has come to take a step back, for now anyway, and to move on to focusing on my own life more, my own family, and helping those that need it and care the most. 

I will still work on crypto projects, but I need to take a step back from trying to save everyone and sharing so much. I keep telling myself to do this, but the time has come.

I am however very excited to work on Expanse as I have a lot more input, and it is highly creative which I love. Of course I will continue to support HZchronos into the future, and Horizon if they want any advice or help. (Down the road this might change and I might be more active writing and sharing again) Anyway, thanks for the fun and adventures together if you were a part of the club, it was quite an experience!

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