Anonymity People Can Trust


In the Anonymous Crypto Currency war, Darkcoin has received lots of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) in the past, for potentially not being perfectly anonymous. Yet, unless the NSA is camped out on your rooftop, Darkcoin is practically perfectly anonymous and they will never track it.

I have always loved Darkcoin as it has great branding, and a developer willing to put his own name on a revolutionary project. It also uses proven trusted technology in innovative ways, rather than taking too many risks. This makes it much easier to fit into existing exchanges and systems. Giving Darkcoin a much better chance at actually making it mainstream in the long run, rather than failing as an experiment.

Some new experimental cryptos are very interesting, but they need a couple years of experimenting before people can trust them as money. By that time, the window may have closed and people may have already decided to just stick with Darkcoin, or perhaps Xcurrency. There is also Open Bazaar coming soon that might end up with perhaps half a dozen cryptos on it! Nitetrader is also on the way with Bitcoin and Blackcoin… Point being, they don’t have years to experiment with before something gets popular in the meantime. 

EDIT: Since Darkcoin changed their branding to Dash, I have sold. The branding was the strongest angle of Darkcoin and I disagree with the branding change, of course I could be wrong, but I think this opens the door for more competition in the anon alt race.