What People Say About Us

"Will O'Brien "The exact opposite of trollbox"

Preston Smith "It is the Premier Altcoin/Crypto Group on Facebook that also discusses relevant Bitcoin news. Numerous Crypto Development Team members are also members and often are active."

Ash Roulston "Cryptocurrency collectors' club is a true resource for those involved in cryptocurrency and functions a place of discussion regarding new coins, regulations, and ideas."

Colin Cantrell "A place to become informed allowing one to make more educated decisions regarding their investing."

Jean-Paul Serrano "Started from the bottom and now we are here"

Christopher Franko "All my friends in one convenient facebook group."

Tuomas Santakallio "It's where you get news before it's news."

Juan Alonso León-Abarca "Information on the minute edge"

​Mischa Kurt Köngül "The go to place for cryptos and finance."

Jessica Hartman "CCC is where I go first for all of my crypto news. Great People. Great information."​

Jason Chan "A valuable resource for coin investment ideas, not to mention helpful people"

​Doc S. Johnson "I come here for the information, and stay for the laughs."

Sean Kamp "A friendly group of insiders--perfect for any level of interest in the world of crypto."

Pavon Dunbar "The CCC has been a tremendous resource in aiding and teaching me what coins are hot and what coins are not so I can make intelligent investments in cryptocurrency for the long term"

Shawn Patrick Lennon "Shawn Lennon of the Oceanside Post says: "I laughed, I cried. It was much better than Phantom OTO!"

Robert Dewayne Ennis "Coming into the cryptocurrency world as somewhat of a newbie, this group has been a huge help in my learning curve."

Chris Fontaine "One of the best places to talk about cryptocurrencies/digital currencies I've found online, everyone from newbs to developers and everyone in between sharing thoughts everything from scams, new coins, updates on old coins as well as potential projects or our hopes and dreams of where BTC and the blockchain may take us."

​Brent David "Before I joined CCC, I "thought" I knew what I was doing with crypto's. The group opened my eyes to so much more!"

Nathan Craynon "CCC is a tremendous information tool for crypto currencies. The founder,  James Clayton is a top crypto maestro with impeccable reputation and unparalleled success choosing successful blockchains."

Darren James "CCC has been the foundation for many of my ventures. It is a great place to meet like minded people who share ideas, trades, and mostly respect others opinions..."

Cryptocurrency Collecting

​Unlike day trading, Cryptocurrency Collecting focuses on long term Crypto Currencies. Ones with real teams, long term plans, and often with either known identities, or with great technology and communities. Cryptocurrency Collecting focuses on the few rare gems with lasting potential. ​

Here is a list of important links and connections for Crypto Currency Collectors and Traders.


Trading Cryptocurrency, or day trading Alts, is about getting as much Bitcoin or fiat out of Alts as possible. This is often safer than holding Cryptocurrency, but also can be more challenging and much more time consuming. Selling too late is the mistake most make, but it is also possible to sell too early.

Cryptocurrency Trading